Technical approach

The wastewater pond system of Outapi will be the case study for the first work package. Its aim is the production of irrigation water from communal wastewater. Therefore, technical solutions are developed, implemented on a technical scale and the impacts evaluated and documented.

The main objective of the work package is the development of technical solutions for the rehabilitation and improvement of the pond system through pre-treatment, post-treatment, sludge treatment, quality assurance and the development of a manual for further operation.

Key aspects are:

  • Development of practicable solutions for the rehabilitation and improvement of wastewater treatment pons under the given conditions as well as the improvement of the capacity
  • Development of a concept for emptying, treatment, storage and reuse of the sludge from the ponds
  • Development of solutions for the pre-treatment with removal of solids and their reduction in order to reduce methane emissions and increase the capacity of the pond system
  • Development of a concept for the post-treatment to improve the effluent quality
  • Monitoring and quality assurance

Pre-treatment with UASB and Noggerath RSH-MG CarbonExtract®

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