Irrigation agriculture

The objective of this work package is to optimise and develop irrigation technologies specifically for the use of treated wastewater in (semi) arid regions. Additionally, cultivation technologies and systems will be identified for the use of treated wastewater and the fertilisation with sludge. The environmental impacts (soil and water bodies) of water and sludge reuse will scientifically evaluated during the whole project duration as well as the impact on the agricultural products (yield, quality, hygiene). It is the focus to achieve the best production with the resources and at the same time with the lowest impact on the environment as well as the prevention of human health risks. Various cultivation and irrigation systems will be field tested on local trial plots and their yield as well as quality examined. At the same time an intensive monitoring will be installed concerning water quality, soil conditions and possible contamination with pathogens and pests.

Work package 3 is divided into four key research aspects:

  • WP 3.1: Irrigation system
  • WP 3.2: Cultivation system
  • WP 3.3: Sludge reuse
  • WP 3.4: Large scale cultivation - “proof of principle”


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