Governance and management structures

Within this work package management structures are developed and strengthened to ensure a sustainable operation of the wastewater treatment and water reuse system as well as the agricultural irrigation site. Essential steering instruments are established and implemented to support the management concept. This includes a suitable budgeting and managerial accounting by the town council as operator as well as an appropriate fee and tariff system. The operator of the agricultural fields will be assisted with a market analysis and business plan. Those measures will be accompanied by an association of wastewater treatment plants operators. This will be a supra-regional network of waste water treatment plant and pond system operators. This network will enable an exchange of information and experiences with regards to operation, maintenance and procurement of spare parts and consumables. The introduced management structures and steering instruments will be assured trough mentoring and trainings.

Work package 2 is divided into four key research aspects:

  • WP 2.1: Development and strengthening of management structures
  • WP 2.2: Steering instruments for budgeting
  • WP 2.3: Association of wastewater treatment plants operators
  • WP 2.4: Training

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