Economical assessment

The economical assessment of cost and benefit of the technical solutions from WP 1 and WP 2 is essential for the sustainable implementation and commercial application of the research results. The aim of this work package is the continuous optimisation of the business management of the wastewater treatment and the production of irrigation water. An efficient and economically viable solution for the wastewater treatment with pond systems in developing countries will be developed under the consideration of economic aspects as well as a future financing model.

The technical solutions will be economically evaluated, adjusted from special expenses for research purposes and a cost benefit analysis conducted. With these results the adequacy of the investment for the improvement of wastewater ponds will be judged. External effects will be determined during the economical assessment and as far as possible examined to calculate the macroeconomic cost-effectiveness under the consideration of welfare economic aspects. With an appropriate financing model possible refinancing options of the necessary investment with donors will be demonstrated.

Work package 4 is divided into three key research aspects:

  • WP 4.1: Cost and benefit evaluation of business management
  • WP 4.2: Economical evaluation of costs and benefits
  • WP 4.3: Evaluation of financing options

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