Guiding Walls

The floating guiding walls were delivered with the container from Germany. After the first pond was filled with pre-treated water it was now possible to assemble the walls and pull them into the right position. These two walls will improve the flow in the pond and therefore the whole size can be used.

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High Tanks

The last step before the irrigation are the high tanks. After the steal was delivered from South Africa the stand was erected and the tanks placed on top. With these tanks the research fields can now be irrigated.

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Comissioning of pre-treatment

The pre-treatment was commissioned after all machinery and pipes have been installed and tested for tightness and functionality. The following months will help to establish a continuous operation and evaluation of the water quality.

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3rd Workshop

45 members of different town council, regional councils, NamWater, etc. participated at the third neighbourhood workshop. It focused on the topic of wastewater treatment and water reuse. Issues and questions that were discussed covered water quality, regulation, finance, project application and marketing. Different organisational structures in the partnership were discussed and a MoU was prepared.

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Visit from Outapi in Germany

As part of her internship with EGLV Haikela Nahabelelwe visited the institute IWAR in Darmstadt. She saw current research projects from lab scale up to plant scale.

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